Bike service and repairs in Glanmire

All bikes need care and attention. Safety is my number one concern.

KIDS BIKES - Safety is number 1 on all bikes but especially on kids bikes. First thing is correct assembly of the bike to ensure everything is tightened up correctly, saddle and handlebars are correctly fitted and at a suitable height for the child. Ensure the brakes are set and functioning correctly. Kids bikes take a lot of punishment and need to be checked regularly to ensure they are safe to use.

COMMUTER BIKES - You use your bike for getting to work daily and will it get a lot of wear and tear. It’s often used in bad weather. Your commuter bike should be serviced at least once a year checking tyres, brake pads and gears mechanism. There are a lot of moving parts exposed to harsh winter weather that need lubrication and adjustment. Same as your car get it serviced when due, don't wait for things to break down.

ROAD BIKES - Modern road bikes need to be looked after by the owner and then ideally serviced twice yearly. Once before winter (if being ridden over winter) to check and lube up parts to protect against winter conditions and again serviced after winter to remove the built up winter grime, check and lube and be ready for the summer season. Again you don’t want to have your training cycle ruined by a breakdown.

CARBON BIKES - These bikes especially need cleaning and inspection by the owner to watch out for frame damage and cracks which can be very serious on a carbon bike. A damaged carbon frame most likely will give no warning and may suddenly snap with potentially serious consequences.

TRI / TT bikes - After all the training and attention to your nutrition for so long don’t have your bike let you down on the day. Book it in well before your event to ensure all will go well with your bike on the day.

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